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Fly Fishing Tips

Planning to do any fly fishing this season? Summer is easily the most popular time of year to fish, and the yield can be high. Consider a few tips that may make a difference- from the time you fish to using terrestrial flies- and that can improve the outcome of your fishing trip.

Here are a few fly fishing tips for anglers:

  • Fish are sensitive to temperatures, so know that early in the morning is best, though late at night is also good for fishing. For morning anglers, fish are a bit slower during these times of the day and the cooler temperatures ensure they don’t seek out deeper water to cool off.
  • Take the time to organize your fly or tackle box to match up with the progression of flies that you plan to use for the day. This will make it easier to keep on track with the types of terrestrials that could attract and lure fish to you. Late in the afternoon and early in the evening, winged insects start to come out on the shore; use your winged insect terrestrials to attract fish during this time. Use spinners later at night for best results. Beetle and ant terrestrials belong in your fly box during summer months, too.
  • So, speaking of terrestrials, they don’t all have to be insects. Think of all the other fish food that can be found in nature- as well as used to attract and catch fish. In the US, a mouse fly is an excellent way to lure trout during summer months as well as larger, predatory fish after dark. Remember that the mouse fly’s tail is what these bigger fish are looking at, so keep it moving just as a mouse would paddle and cause a ripple if it fell in the water.
  • Remember that in sunny summer weather, you are casting a shadow. Fish are keen on spotting shadows to avoid getting caught. Be wary and remember that the sun is lower in the morning, making longer shadows, and higher in the afternoon, so you can be quite stealth after noontime.
  • Any time that you fish, be cognizant of how you handle the fish. If you practice catch-and-release, always take care so that the fish can survive after you put it back in the water. When the weather is warm, it takes a fish longer to recuperate from injury or trauma- like being mishandled by humans. Be quick to get the fish back in the water and know that if you struggled to land the fish and he put up a valiant fight, there is a chance that he won’t survive when released.

If you are planning to do some fly fishing this summer, keep these tips in mind when angling the waters of your favorite fishing spots.


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