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  1. You can start your reservation online or by calling us at (406)500-RENT. A Rent-A-Car Montana Representative will reach out to you to finalize your reservation and answer any questions you have. You will receive a quote of what your Rental will cost and what insurances we will require from you. If you are not arriving from the airport you can just have someone drop you off at our location.
  2. When you fly in you can either be picked up at the Airport (for a 10% Airport Concession Fee) or you can take an Uber from the airport to our location, 418 Laura Louise Lane Bozeman MT, at which time you can sign our rental agreement and you can provide a 15% credit card deposit.
  3. We advise our customers to take a photo of their vehicle before they leave. We also take photos, but we want to strive for as much transparency as possible.
  4. Have fun during your Travels in Montana.
  5. If you have paid the 10% Airport Concession Fee you can leave the vehicle at the airport in Section E1. Remember to wipe down the interior of the vehicle with the included wipes and take photos of the exterior of your vehicle before you leave. Otherwise you will need to drop your vehicle off at our location (418 Laura Louise Lane) and we can make sure you get to the airport for your flight. If you aren’t flying in you will be required to drop off your vehicle at our location.

To complete your Reservation we require three things:

  1. We require a 15% Credit card deposit to confirm the booking. No exceptions. If you do not have a credit card, we cannot help you. This can be accomplished online and our Representative will reach out to you if we need anything else to confirm your booking.
  2. We require you to have full-coverage insurance. To complete your booking we will need proof of your insurance to complete your booking.
  3. We also need proof of your driver’s License. We will need photo proof of your card to complete your booking.

While Montana does NOT have a Sales tax (Yay!), we do have a 4% Montana Rental Vehicle Tax which is applied to your rental total. This extends to any items that are included on with your vehicle like the child seats and the booster seats that we offer.
The Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport (BZN) requires a 10% Concession Fee which is applied to rental vehicles that originates or are on the Bozeman Airport property. If you do not want to pay this Concession Fee you can take an Uber to our location to pick-up your rental and to get back to the airport from our location.

As always, we highly recommend you take advantage of our Airport Concession because it helps reduce the hassle and help save you time and money!

We only have one location which is located at 418 Laura Louise Lane which is located about 6 miles from the Bozeman Airport.

 Yes! We can pick you up from the Bozeman Airport with a 10% Airport Concession Fee along with a one time flat fee that also allows you to leave the vehicle on airport property for your departing flight. There is no concession fee for you taking an Uber to our location. The only downside is that you will need to also take an Uber back to the Airport.

Currently, we require our renters to pick-up and drop-off their vehicle at our location at 418 Laura Louise Lane in Bozeman MT. If you have paid for our 10% Airport Concession Fee you may drop off your vehicle at the airport for us to pick up.
We require our renters to have full-coverage vehicle insurance.
No. We require all drivers to be 25-year-old or older.
Our Rental Vehicles have a maximum range of 250 miles from Bozeman and you are not allowed to enter Canada. You might be charged an extra fee for exiting our region.
Montana isn’t called the ‘Treasure State’ for nothing. Montana is home to some of the best skiing, fishing, hiking, animal spotting, and is home to beautiful and welcoming towns. Montana is one of the best ways to experience our wonderful National Parks, including: Glacier National Park, Yellowstone National Park, and other historic sites. If you have any questions about ideas for your next trip we would love to help you find your next adventure. Check out our blog to find tips for your Montana Roadtrip!
No, our vehicles come with 150 free-miles per day. These miles are cumulative over your entire trip and all miles over that limit are charged $0.35 per mile (about $35 for 100 miles). Even with this charge our prices are the best in the valley.