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Day Hike Checklist

The Bozeman area has some wonderful hiking opportunities. In and around Bozeman, there are nature trails that weave their way along pristine creeks, cut across grassy foothills, and traverse as switchbacks alpine mountain slopes. When you do decide to go out and enjoy a hike, it’s a good idea to go prepared, regardless the location and the scope of the adventure.

The backpack is an essential item to carry supplies. If you are out in the mountains and plan to hike, the backpack can carry water (You should never drink directly from the streams, because even though these streams look pristine and clean there could be parasites that could make you sick).

It’s also a good idea to wear clothing that reflects the weather conditions, and to be able to adapt to changes when appropriate. Layers, whether worn nor not, are an effective system to keep you either warm or cool during a hike. For instance, some mornings in the peak of summer can still be cool in the mountains, and a jacket, or even pants, may be necessary to keep the chill away. But, as the sun brings up the temperature, warmer layers can be stowed in a jacket (There are pants that can convert to shorts).

Footwear is also an important consideration. When you stroll along the trails through town, any type of comfortable footwear might work, but when you go up on the mountain trails, it might be a good idea to wear tennis shoes with aggressive tread, or even hiking boots. Trail running tennis shoes are a terrific choice for the hard-packed dirt of mountain trails.

If you enjoy the outdoors, the Bozeman area is a terrific place to visit. And if you do plan to hike, remember to go prepared. If you have any questions about how to rent a vehicle while you experience the Bozeman area, then call Rent-A-Car Montana today.


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