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Phone Battery: How to Keep Your Phone Functioning in the Back-country

A phone with a reliable battery is a tool for safety in the wilderness. You may need your phone to call for help, keep time, be an effective navigational tool, etc. (It’s possible in certain applications to eliminate the need for a GPS with an IPhone). So, whenever you go into the wilderness, it’s important to keep your phone charged and to keep the phone from draining the battery’s life. Here are a few tips to keep your phone up and running.

Temperature extremes can have an effect on your phone’s battery life. When the temperatures are either really hot or cold, it can have a dramatic effect on the longevity of your phone’s battery. Optimum operating temperatures for your phone are in the comfortable range of sixty-two to seventy-two degrees, but the temperatures in Montana can vary widely, regardless the season.

When you are in temperatures well-above the standard operable range, it’s important to stow the phone in a backpack. If you carry the phone or place it in your pocket then the phone’s battery will be more susceptible to environmental heat, compounded by proximity to body heat. When the temperatures dip well-below the standard range, it’s a good idea to stow the phone nearer to your body, so that your body heat might help to keep the phone warmer.

When you hike or spend time in areas without service, it’s important to place your phone in airplane mode until you get to better service. Your phone will burn through its effective battery life quickly if it’s always searching for service. It’s a simple flip of the switch to turn your phone back on, and many of the other features such as the time and date, and certain navigation aids, will still be available.

Remember that your phone can keep you safe when you adventure throughout the Gallatin Valley. And let Rent-A-Car Montana help get you to your adventures. If you have any questions, or would like to make a reservation for a rental, then call today.



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