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Trail Running SW Montana

SW Montana is home to great running trails that traverse anything from steep mountain slopes to gentle creeks. The trails throughout the Gallatin Valley are kept up and clean, and offer runners the chance to stretch their legs in beautiful meadows and cozy residential areas. The mountains that surround town are home to trails with both simple and highly technical terrain, and because most trails are interconnected with other trail systems, the option to combine trails to form routes that offer both a great mix of fun and various degrees of challenge.

The trails throughout town are gentle enough that any regular running shoe will work, although some of the more technical trails that switchback the mountain slopes and traverse over rocky hillsides are definitely more easily tackled by dedicated trail running shoes. Trail running shoes have lugs that better grip rocks and moss and tree roots. In general, trail running shoes are also more stable than running shoes, and shoes should be purchased with the appropriate foot mechanics unique to each runner (Whatever type and style of running shoe best suits your physical needs and running style).

When you run the trails in town, the safety requirements are the same as those you would expect to use when you run the roads. But when you run in the mountains, be sure that you have brought enough supplies for hydration and nutrition (If you plan to run longer than one hour). It’s also important to dress appropriately, layering when needed. You should also have a good idea of the route you plan to take and the potential landmarks along that route. Watches and phones can all contribute to navigation, but to make a plan and develop a generalized sense of the direction you plan to run and the potential terrain you plan to run on will only help to better prepare you and keep you safer.

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