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Mountain Biking Trail Pack

Like any outdoor sport, mountain bikers have their own unique needs when it comes to properly packing their gear for their trip. But there are several essential components that belong in anyone’s kit, and are important whether a biker is hitting the local trails or carving a two-track on a timbered mountain slope.

The trail pack is an essential piece of kit because it can help to store many of the other items. But, a trail pack doesn’t necessarily mean that the biker needs a backpack. A trail pack could be a backpack, and there are many trailpack backpacks that work terrifically for transporting items and water, and wear comfortably throughout a day’s ride. It could also be a hip pack, or a simple pouch attached to the frame of the bike itself.

The multi-tool is an essential piece of kit, especially if you don’t plant to bring along a dedicated set of Allen wrenches. Multi-tools that are especially well-suited to bike use are able to repair a broken chain, have hex keys and Torx drivers, and both flat and Phillips head screwdrivers.

The portable pump and spare bike tube are essential, unless you have a different system dedicated to flat repair (Certain tires are able to withstand thorns and other abuses, but in the event of an emergency blowout, you may still want to pack a spare tube). The pump is essential. When you go to find a portable pump at your local bike store, remember to buy the pump with the fitting that fits your current tubes (If you are unsure, then your local bike store technician can help guide you). And with your flat kit, it’s also important to pack tire levers. Yes, it’s an extra piece of kit, but it makes the process much simpler.


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