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Safety in the Outdoors

Montana is a premier destination for outdoor recreational pursuits. There are countless options to hike, bike, run, hike, fish, golf, hunt, etc. But it’s important that safety is paramount when you participate in many of these activities—it’s easier than you might think to get injured. Each activity does have inherent dangers associated (Of course, there are less dangers on the tightly mowed greens on the back nine of a golf course than on a backcountry hiking trip— comparatively, however, a stormy sky lit up by lightning bolts is as risky in either place). And the universal tool you can be sure will be important in every scenario is a first aid kit.

There are store-bought First Aid kits, and many of them are well-equipped and considerately packed. But some of the items in the basic first aid kits may not be effective in a rugged scenario. But every kit, regardless the purpose, should contain bandages of some type, and the bandages should be in different sizes and shapes. If you are wondering how many bandages you need to carry, then consider how many people may need to use the kit and for how long the kit needs to be effective before you can restock it. If you are traveling on a back-country hiking trip for several days you’ll likely want to stock more bandages than if you plan to do a hike that lasts several hours. Remember to equip your antibiotic ointment, and antiseptic towelettes are invaluable when the surrounding environment makes it difficult to clean the wound.  Tweezers and safety pins are terrific additions that can help in a variety of circumstances. And any other kit that you believe could help to support you on your journey.

The most important component to any First Aid kit is the basic knowledge of how to use the supplies you pack. Take time to gain a basic understanding of how to clean a scrape or bandage a basic wound. The better prepared you are in the event of emergency the better the outcome.

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