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Things To Do in Montana in The Winter

If you are looking for some winter fun, consider heading to Montana and be sure to give us a call for a car rental, we have just the vehicle that you are looking for. If you love the outdoors, you will find plenty of cold weather activities and snow sports to keep you busy- while also exploring the many natural wonders of the region.

Here are a few things to do in Montana in the winter:


There are plenty of epic activities to try when visiting Montana, but the skiing may be the most popular. From the rugged slopes and mountains to the vast cross-country trails and plains, there is plenty of skiing and snowboarding for all who come here. The eastern parts of the state get a lot of snow in the winter, typically with packed snow up until April.

Dog Sleds

When you hear about dog sledding, you may not think of Montana- but Montana is well-known for its dog sledding and training of dog sledding dogs. Why not try sledding for yourself when visiting majestic Montana this winter?


Have you ever ridden on a snowmobile? It is exhilarating! Montana is renowned for its snowmobiling trails- consider renting your own snow machine and enjoy a brisk trip on the groomed trails; it is a fun experience for the entire family.

Hike and Snowshoe

Snow doesn’t deter serious hikers in Montana. Winter hiking is a favorite among visitors to this region, though the wintry winds can cause drifting that makes hiking in snow difficult. Snowshoeing is another way to enjoy the trails and landscape- without sinking waist deep in snow! You can rent snowshoes widely during winter vacations.


There is something so serene about a long horseback ride on a crisp, wintry day- or night! There is truly no better way to view and appreciate the Montana landscape than from a horse. Montana is home to many working ranches that offer winter horseback riding as well as horse-drawn carriage rides.

Hot Springs

After a day on the trails or slopes, consider kicking-back with a long soak in a hot spring- Montana is famous for them! The western regions of Montana offer many resorts and spas built around hot springs- as well as hot spring centers that you can purchase a day-pass for during your trip. This is a great way to soothe tired muscles from rigorous wintertime activities, too!

The winter weather in Montana makes it the perfect destination for outdoor activities and snow sports that may not be found in other climates and regions- though the weather can wax and wane in varied extremes throughout the season. For instance, it is not unusual for eastern parts to see below-zero temps and snow while central locales experience mild temps and little wind. Consider this when planning your trip to Montana this winter!

If you are coming to Montana and need a car rental, give us a call today!


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